How to Help Present and Future Leaders of America
by Dr. Rita Bennett  •  OCTOBER 2016

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In this political season, I'm thinking about how we can change the danger of the power in the office of President. Considering the weakness of human nature, it seems that in addition to taking the Oath as President, there should be an ethical contract signed by the person going into that office. As a Counselor, I have assisted the engaged to sign a contract to help them to wait until marriage to consummate their union. (They, at times, have asked my help to do this.)

I believe a Contract of Ethics to keep moral boundaries as President, would help that person, as well as those voting. As Christians and Jews, we may practice the 10 Commandments for our ethical behavior. In the field of Psychology, there is a 5-point ethics statement given: 

    1. Atonomy - free choice
    2. Benficence - doing good
    3. Fidelity - faithful to clients
    4. Justice - fairness to clients
    5. Nonmaleficence - Above all Do no harm

Dr. K. Kitchener in 1984 created these moral principals of psychology as the cornerstone of ethics. 

Quid Pro Quo Contract, for instance, could be set up by our American government leaders to be agreed upon and signed prior to being confirmed publicly into this powerful position in our country. To my knowledge, no moral contract for the incoming President has been created in the past. This could solve our past and present problem concerning the election, and would protect future Presidents as well as we, the People of the United States of America.

This idea came to me in October as a good answer to help our leaders and citizens of our nation to develop ethics for the most important position we have. “No finger pointing is given, but a helping hand extended.” 

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I agree wholeheartedly. I, as a person with a heart for children, am struck that your statement represents something that could be a great benefit to youngsters.  Children who aren't exposed to spirituality and the rules of expectation would possibly be exposed to a presidential code of ethics in classroom learning.  In this way, they would learn and, hopefully, internalize a moral code.  You want to add positivity to the leadership; but I think your idea would add great positivity to children as well. Way to go!  And may God bless you for listening to Him in prayer.
Katherine K..
October 20116