The Inner-child of the Las Vegas Shooter
by Dr. Rita Bennett  •  OCTOBER 2017

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​    The out-of-control Las Vegas shooter was a 64-year-old man logistically, but I believe he was actually a wounded inner-child emotionally. The news media indicates that Stephen Paddock’s father had a prison record. That tells us something. A child raised in a home with a parent having a record of lawless behavior does not start out in a secure home atmosphere. Also a child does not understand why his home is not stable. He may wonder if he is to blame. 

    The police were recently putting up signs on some roads in Las Vegas, Nevada for people to help them understand why the adult, Stephen Paddock, caused a massacre of nearly 1,000; 58 killed and 500 or more wounded. 

    As an educated counselor, I have worked with numerous children and adults who have been abused early in life. For example, I worked with Patrick, a hairdresser, who during our counseling session discovered that his alcoholic father had beaten on his mother’s stomach in an attempt to kill Patrick while she was pregnant. With new understanding, he wept his way back to a new beginning in God’s healing presence. (Patrick's story can be found in my book, You Can Be Emotionally Free, available in our online bookstore.)  

    How did the adult/child Paddock deal with his wounded soul? He spent exorbitant hours on his gambling addiction, he went on 20 or more cruises with his girl friends, and the media said he hired a prostitute a few days before he carried out his shooting spree. Perhaps he choose the destruction of happy singing young people because he had lost the hope of having his own happiness decades before. Was he acting out his own repressed anger/rage?

    Paddock couldn’t be healed by his gambling, his cruses, or his sexual behavior.  I believe he could have been healed by the right kind of in-depth inner-child counseling.  

    In addition to the book listed above, I also recommend Dr. John Bradshaw’s inner–child book, Home Coming.  Bradshaw was healed from alcohol addiction and had a great counseling career during the prime of his great life. I teach seminars on how to do inner-child counseling. I hope this article can help shed some light and wisdom on how to heal the deeply wounded. Remember the healed heal, and the wounded wound. I believe there are answers.  

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