with a Biblical Viewpoint
by Dr. Rita Bennett  
ARTICLE 14  •  JULY 2017
Unfolding World Issues
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​On Life's Journey
Today's Scripture is
Ephesians 4:13–15
(see article below)
Recently, the out-of-control Las Vegas shooter was a 64-year-old man logistically, but I believe he was actually a wounded inner child emotionally.  The news media indicates that Stephen Paddock's father had a prison record.  That tells us . . .  

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The Inner-child of the 
Las Vegas Shooter
by Dr. Rita Bennett
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       Interesting comments from Rita about the book
  • Who is the book for?  Children, teens, adults, and seniors who want a deeper relationship with Jesus. 
  • Why have you written this book?  I want others to have the relationship I have with Christ.  You can pray the Lord's Prayer anytime and anywhere.
  • What is special about this book?  Being able to tell about the Holy Grotto above the Mount of Olives in Israel where Jesus taught his Disciples how to pray the Lord's Prayer is very exciting and life-changing. This is a famous location you can visit today.
  • Why should we buy this book?  Because the prayer is meant to heal your spirit, soul, and body. It brings
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The Lord's Prayer Heals
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What difference will it make in our life?  I think your life will be more exciting! You will see miracles like healed relationships, answers to prayer, spiritual dreams, and the ability to express yourself on a deeper level, in a more creative way. You need this book and bonuses for safety for yourself and your family. You'll learn how rewarding it is to pray Jesus' Prayer over a person "reflectively."
Dr. Rita Bennett
Ephesians 4:13–15
Till we all come, in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to be completed adults, so that we measure up to what Christ is in His fulness:  that from here on we are no longer like children [hurt children], tossed back and forth, and influenced by every idea that comes along, by the tricks of men, and the sneaky cleaverness through which they are waiting to deceive us; but speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ . . .
My late husband, The Rev. Dr. Dennis J. Bennett wrote the introduction in 1987 to my third book entitled, Making Peace with Your Inner Child.  He knew how valuable Inner Healing Prayer is and he was humble enough to often ask me, as his wife, to pray these prayers for him, personally.  
The Biblical Theme “A little child shall lead them” in Isaiah 11:6 pictures a fearless and whole child who through the Lord, is growing into full potential, becoming a true leader.  You can see this in your own inner child, and can be encouraged to know know that if you put your hand in Jesus’ hand, He can lead your inner child to wholeness, and then, if needed your inner child will be able to lead your adult-self into wholeness. 
When you understand your inner child and what happened to him or her in the past, missing pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. As your child self and adult self are reconciled, you will truly become whole.  Dennis found this out and has shared that with the world through his books, prayers, and tapes. So read on and enjoy his message. 
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An Important Testimony of the Value of Inner Healing 
by The Rev. Dr. Dennis J. Bennett