Rita Bennett

Co-Founder of CRA

Rita Bennett, along with her husband Dennis, co-founded Christian Renewal Association in 1966 to minister to Christians seeking inner healing and renewal through the Holy Spirit.  

Rita's inner healing ministry within CRA began in 1976, and was expanded with the publication of her major book "You Can Be Emotionally Free" and its corresponding seminar course.  After Dennis's passing in 1991, she served as president and CEO of CRA for 30 years, writing and teaching courses on inner healing and prayer, publishing several more books, and speaking at retreats, conferences, seminaries, and on television.  Under her leadership, the ministry of CRA expanded internationally, with associated ministries being established in New Zealand and East Africa.  

In 2008, Rita earned her masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and continued to practice her ministry of inner healing through providing personal counseling services.  She continued this work alongside her teaching ministry until her death in May 2021.  Her legacy continues in her books and courses which are at the heart of the present-day ministries of CRA - Restore.