Sharon Behnke

Board Member/Facilitator

In 1980, I experienced a major, life changing inner healing by Jesus while praying with Rita Bennett and Shade O'Driscoll. While my adult mind had no clue as to why I was experiencing debilitating, irrational fears, the same Jesus who knew everything in the past about the woman at the well in Samaria, during prayer, took me to an event in my childhood where these fears took root. Experiencing the manifest Presence of Jesus in the event set me free. The Lord is not bound by time. He was there.

Many people have been born again by Jesus and have experienced the release of the Holy Spirit in their lives only to be baffled by their struggle with irrational emotions and behaviors. The Lord has always been in the business of soul healing. Attending the Holy Spirit inspired course, Emotionally Free, by Rita Bennett, is our seeking the Lord intentionally for soul healing. The Lord loves to be found by us.

I am married with five adult children and ten grandchildren. My greatest desire is for others to experience the Lord's Presence and for them to know His great love for them.

My personal interests include swimming, boating, fishing, and devouring books.